Assessment Accommodation

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Information for managers and human resources specialists

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has consultants who provide information and advice on assessment accommodation. They recommend specific measures to be applied when candidates from designated groups undergo a PSC test. Only the Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) can establish assessment accommodation when a standardized PSC test is used and all organizations must contact the PPC to make the necessary arrangements. PPC consultants can also recommend accommodation for organizational assessments, on a cost recovery basis. Departments and agencies are not required to contact the PPC when accommodation is needed for an organization-specific assessment tool.

Requesting accommodation services from the Public Service Commission

Requests for assessment accommodation for all tests are made on-line at Assessment Accommodation Request System.

Important notice: Precedence will be given to accommodation requests involving employees on the Priority List or in the Selection of Employees for Retention or Lay Off (SERLO) process. You should communicate Priority List or SERLO status via the comments box when entering a request, e-mailing, or telephoning 819-420-8690.

When entering a request, please ensure you have all the necessary information before proceeding because, for confidentiality reasons, you will not be able to save your request:

  • The name of the candidate(s) for whom you are making a request;
  • Their type(s) of functional limitations, disability(ties), needs or condition(s); and
  • For which test(s) each candidate requires assessment accommodation – Public Service Commission (PSC), Second Language Evaluation or Departmental Assessment Tool (Oral, Written or combined).

The PPC consultants will need to review the documentation to ensure they have complete information. Once this is done, they will make recommendations for accommodation. This should be done within 10 business days, but time lines can vary depending on the complexity of the accommodation required. Once accommodation recommendations are complete, an assessment accommodation report is sent electronically to the human resources (HR) advisor who made the request.

If an adapted format of a PSC test needs to be developed for you, it will be specified in the assessment accommodation report. This work can take from 15 to 50 business days, depending on the nature of the format required. For more information, please refer to the Service Standards for Adapted Formats of PSC Tests. All adapted formats can be ordered through the on-line test order form.

You must request assessment accommodation each time a candidate re-writes a test. Even if the test is the same and the previous accommodation measures satisfied the candidate, the assessment accommodation team will ensure that the condition of the candidate has not changed (e.g., changes in medication, update of the required documentation) and that all variables remain the same before re-issuing the same recommendations. This process ensures the rigor and appropriateness of the measures, while requiring less time than having to fully process a request.

Request for test administration from the Public Service Commission regions:

If you need PSC test administration services for SLE tests, please go to Procedure to request PSC test administration services when accommodation is involved (SLE).


  • Before submitting an accommodation request, always verify that the candidate does not already have a valid score for that test;
  • Inform the assessment accommodation team at the number or address below if the candidate withdraws from the process or if the candidate cancels their request for accommodation; and
  • For more information on assessment accommodation, please contact the AAE coordinator at 819-420-8690 or at

Understanding your duty to accommodate:

Equitable assessment does not mean the same assessment procedures must be used for all candidates in an appointment process. Assessment accommodation is changes that are made to the assessment procedure, format or content of an assessment instrument. It is most often designed for persons with a disability, but can also be relevant for any other grounds under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Assessment accommodation is designed in order to remove obstacles that are presented by the method of testing, without modifying the nature or level of the qualification that is being evaluated. For further information, please refer to these tools:

Other useful information

The duty to accommodate is based on the legal obligations set out in the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) and the Employment Equity Act (EEA). Employers must make sure that they build accommodation into their policies and practices as much as possible from the outset, and must reasonably accommodate up to the point of undue hardship, considering health, safety and cost.

For additional general information about accommodation:

Telephone: 819-420-8690
Facsimile: 819-420-8322