Transcript: Video - Make an Informed Decision!

Political Activities: Make an Informed Decision! This message is brought to you by the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC)

Are you a federal public service employee?

Are you thinking of participating in political activities to support or oppose a candidate? To support or oppose a political party? Within a political party?

You have the right to participate in these types of political activities, however...

this right must be balanced...

...with your responsibility to maintain the political impartiality of the public service.

What does this mean?

You may participate in a political activity as long as…it does not impair … or it is not seen as impairing… your ability to do your job in a politically impartial manner.

The decision to participate in political activities is yours to make.

Make an informed decision!

Consider: The nature of your duties; The level and visibility of your position; The nature of the political activity; Your personal or professional visibility in your community

You may also consult: Your manager; Your organization’s Designated Political Activities Representative; The PSC

Get informed! The PSC has political activities tools to help.

Remember! Upholding the non-partisan nature of the public service is the responsibility of every employee!

For more information: 1-866-707-7152