Upcoming Elections

2016 Elections

Location Election Type Election Date
Saskatchewan Provincial April 4, 2016
Manitoba Provincial April 19, 2016
New Brunswick Municipalities May 9, 2016
Saskatchewan Resort villages July 30, 2016
Nova Scotia Municipalities October 15, 2016
Saskatchewan Urban and rural municipalities October 26, 2016
Yukon Territorial
Saskatchewan Northern municipalities Fall 2016
Northwest Territories Hamlets December 12, 2016
Nunavut Hamlets December 12, 2016

Note: The above-indicated dates are provided for information purposes only. To confirm official dates, please contact the authorities responsible for elections in the respective jurisdictions. Only jurisdictions that have elections in 2016 are shown.

Information on the process for submitting a political candidacy request, including the forms to be completed, can be found on the Candidacy page.