Survey of Staffing: Organizational data release, November 2014 (14-16)


Note: The following message was sent to deputy heads on December 22, 2014.

This e-mail is to inform you of the release of the organizational data reports regarding the findings of the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) latest Survey of Staffing (SOS).

The SOS is an important tool for understanding employees’ perceptions of staffing as well as their awareness of their legal rights and responsibilities regarding political activities. The data collected is used to identify trends at government-wide and organizational levels, to inform improvements to staffing policies and practices and our collective efforts to safeguard the non-partisanship of the federal public service.

The latest data release on the PSC extranet site includes customized reports for each organization that conducts its staffing in accordance with the Public Service Employment Act and that has 350 or more employees. The reports include survey findings for 37 key staffing questions and four questions related to employee awareness of legal rights and responsibilities regarding political activities, along with comparative results for organizations of similar size and for the public service as a whole. More detailed SOS information related to your own organization since 2008, as well as other organizations surveyed, is also available on the PSC extranet site.

We encourage you to inform your employees of the release of your organization’s survey results, as many of them participated in the survey.

On behalf of the Commission, I want to thank you and your team for your continued support in communicating and encouraging employees to participate in the survey. We hope that the results will be informative and will support your efforts to improve staffing in your organization and safeguard the non-partisanship of the federal public service.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 819-420-6559, or Jacqueline Bogden, Vice-President, Audit and Data Services Branch, at 819-420-8808. Ms. Bogden would be pleased to meet with you or your management team for a more in-depth discussion of the SOS should you wish to do so.

Anne-Marie Robinson