Release of the Updated Political Activities Self-Assessment Tool and Guidance Document for Participating in Non-Candidacy Political Activities (14-15)


Note: The following message was sent to deputy heads on October 10, 2014.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is pleased to announce the release of two of its most popular tools, recently updated to better serve federal public service employees:

Political Activities Self-assessment Tool   Guidance on polical activities not related to candidacy

Given that employees have the right to engage in political activities, while maintaining the political impartiality of the public service, these tools:

  • Help employees understand the application and interplay of the factors involved in making a decision whether to participate in activities to support or oppose a candidate or political party at the federal, provincial, territorial or municipal level; and
  • Assist managers in answering employees’ questions when they come to them for advice and guidance related to their participation in these types of activities.

The tools were updated following broad consultation and careful review of user feedback. I would like to thank everyone who provided input.

Some significant improvements include:

  • Political Activities Self-Assessment Tool users may now assess more than one political activity per session without having to restart the tool each time. Additionally, the final results page was modified to make it more user-friendly. All information provided by users continues to remain completely anonymous; and
  • The Guidance Document now includes additional information on social media and recommended steps to make an informed decision about participating in political activities.

I invite you to share these tools with your employees by adding a link on your internal Web site and by presenting them during employee events and orientation sessions. A communiqué is attached to assist with your communications efforts.

Should you or your Designated Political Activities Representative require additional information or assistance with your communications efforts related to political activities, you may contact Kathy Nakamura, Director General, Political Activities and Non-Partisanship Directorate, at 819-420-6469.

Thank you for your continued commitment and support in ensuring a professional and non-partisan public service.

Anne-Marie Robinson

Communiqué to employees