Design the 2014 Fall Post-Secondary Recruitment campaign based on your future staffing needs(14-13)


Contact: Amélie LaPenna, Program Lead, Central Recruitment Programs, 819-420-8697,

Are you working on your annual human resources planning strategy? Have you considered the Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) Program as an effective approach to fill your entry-level officer positions with talented graduates? Do you have questions about the PSR campaign and how it fits into your strategy? Now is the time to factor graduate recruitment into your plan.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) administers this campaign to assist you with recruiting qualified and partially-assessed graduates into entry-level positions.

The PSC is in the process of designing the fall 2014 PSR campaign that runs in September and we want to help you with your graduate recruitment needs.

Contact us by July 28, 2014 to discuss your graduate recruitment needs so that we can determine what option best meets your requirements, a specific career choice or a targeted career stream inventory:

  • A specific career choice is a tailored advertisement created to meet your organizational hiring requirements that cannot be met by using one of the targeted career stream inventories; and
  • A targeted career stream inventory aligns with specialized areas currently in demand. It is made up of pre-screened candidates who are available year-round for a range of job opportunities.

For 2014, we are proposing the following career stream inventories:

  • Business and Social Sciences;
  • Health Sciences (Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers); and
  • Information Technology.

When the inventories of partially assessed candidates become available in January 2015, hiring managers can take advantage of this quick, efficient and cost-effective hiring solution for entry-level officer positions.

Post-Secondary Recruitment campaign timeline

  • July 28, 2014: Deadline - Organizations submit request (including Statement of Merit Criteria and number of vacancies to staff) to participate in the 2014 PSR campaign;
  • September 11, 2014: Organizational career choices are posted on;
  • October 2, 2014: Closing date for applications;
  • October 2014: Unsupervised testing across Canada and overseas;
  • October to December 2014: Supervised testing across Canada and overseas; and
  • End of January 2015: Candidates from career choices and career streams available for referral.

If you have any questions about the PSR recruitment campaign and how it fits with your staffing plan, please contact Amélie LaPenna at the coordinates above.

Gerry Thom
Staffing and Assessment Services Branch
Public Service Commission

c.c. Chiefs of staffing