Political Activities Video – Candidacy Process (14-12)


Note: The following message was sent to deputy heads on July 9, 2014.

Are you looking for new ways to inform your employees of their legal rights and responsibilities regarding political activities? Well, look no further!

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has developed a short, animated video which explains the process through which employees must request and obtain permission from the PSC prior to seeking nomination as or being a candidate in a federal, provincial, territorial or municipal election.

Candidacy ProcessI encourage you to share this two-minute video with your employees by hosting it on your organization's internal television monitors, by adding a link to your internal Web site or by displaying the video during employee brown bag or orientation sessions.

A communiqué is attached to promote the launch of the video to your employees. Should you or your Designated Political Activities Representative require additional information or assistance with your communications efforts related to political activities, you may contact Kathy Nakamura, Director General, Political Activities and Non-Partisanship Directorate, at 819-420-6469.

Thank you for your continued commitment and support in ensuring a professional and non-partisan public service.

Anne-Marie Robinson

Communiqué to employees