Revised approach to delegation and the Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument (14-03)


The following e-mail was sent to Deputy Heads on January 8, 2014.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you that, further to a decision by the Public Service Commission (PSC), the approach to the delegation of appointment and appointment-related authorities to deputy heads has been revised.

The PSC has developed a new redesigned and generic Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument (ADAI) that applies to all deputy head in organizations staffing pursuant to the Public Service Employment Act. As a result, effective immediately, the redesigned ADAI replaces each individual ADAI that was signed with a deputy head.

The PSC will no longer issue individual ADAIs when a new deputy head is appointed; all existing and newly appointed deputy heads are expected to become familiar with the appointment and appointment-related authorities, terms and conditions of delegation, accountability responsibilities and conditions for sub-delegation that are outlined in the redesigned ADAI. The President of the PSC will continue to meet with all newly appointed deputy heads to emphasize expectations, discuss the overall staffing performance of their organization and offer the Commission's support and assistance.

In redesigning the ADAI to make it a generic instrument, the PSC took the opportunity to improve the clarity of the terms and conditions of delegation and to reflect the latest changes in regulations and policies. By posting the redesigned ADAI on the PSC Web site, the PSC also ensures that employees in all organizations have continuous access to the latest version of the ADAI.

While there have been no major changes to the existing terms and conditions of delegation, we recommend that organizations take the time to become familiar with the redesigned ADAI. The following is a list of the main changes to the ADAI:

  • The clarification of the accountability and responsibilities of the deputy head (section 5);
  • The addition of new sections to respond to frequently asked questions, such as clarification of who may exercise delegated appointment authorities in the absence of the deputy head (subsection 2(2));
  • The addition of a new section to emphasize existing expectations that a priority clearance number must be obtained prior to proceeding with an appointment process (paragraph 13(2)(a));
  • The clarification of existing delegation requirements, such as terms and conditions of sub-delegation, must be made in writing (subsection 8(2)) and be accessible to all sub-delegated persons, employees and bargaining agents (subsection 5(3));
  • The elimination of the current requirement that organizations make the ADAI accessible to all employees and bargaining agents (as the generic ADAI is now accessible on the PSC Web site);
  • The deletion of old transitional provisions and minor changes to reflect amendments in regulations and policies; and
  • The addition of sub-headers and numbered paragraphs for ease of reference and to facilitate communication of future amendments.

Please inform your employees that the new ADAI is accessible on the PSC Web site. Refer to Appendix A of the ADAI for the list of all organizations and deputy head positions subject to the new redesigned ADAI. If your organization is subject to additional terms and conditions to delegation as a result of oversight activity, you may refer to Appendix B of the ADAI to review these additional requirements.

The PSC would like to thank all deputy heads, hiring managers and human resources representatives who provided their comments and ideas to make this new redesigned ADAI an improved instrument.

The PSC will continue to keep you informed of all future amendments to the ADAI. Should you have any questions or concerns related to the delegation instrument, please do not hesitate to contact Don Ruggles, Manager, Delegation and Reporting, at or 819-420-6431.