Update on Second Language Evaluation computer-generated testing – Revised implementation date is February 11, 2013 (13-02)


The Public Service Commission has moved since this document was first published and therefore the address and telephone numbers indicated may no longer be accurate. Please consult the Contact Us page for up-to-date contact information.


Contact: Sylvie Plante, E-testing and Test Administration, OLTF-FTEL@cfp-psc.gc.ca.

In August 2012, the Public Service Commission (PSC) published a Letter to Heads of Human Resources to announce the implementation of computer-generated testing for the SLE - Test of Written Expression and the integration of pilot questions into both the Test of Written Expression and the Test of Reading Comprehension (Update on the Second Language Evaluation Test of Written Expression and Test of Reading Comprehension in the Second Official Language (12-14)).

The implementation date of October 29, 2012 was postponed to allow all departmental and PSC users adequate time to install necessary software updates (Update on Second Language Evaluation computer-generated testing (12-23)).

The PSC is pleased to announce that these software updates are progressing and the new implementation date for the SLE enhancements noted above is February 11, 2013.

If you have questions about test operations in relation to these initiatives, please contact Sylvie Plante at OLTF-FTEL@cfp-psc.gc.ca.

Thank you for your continued collaboration.


Gerry Thom
Staffing and Assessment Services Branch