Seeking public service employees to participate in the development of an essential component of the new Public Service Entrance Exam (12-28)


The Public Service Commission has moved since this document was first published and therefore the address and telephone numbers indicated may no longer be accurate. Please consult the Contact Us page for up-to-date contact information.


The Public Service Commission (PSC) is looking for public service employees to participate in the final pilot of its new Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE), starting in December 2012. The pilot exam is open to employees at the officer level in scientific, professional, administration and technical positions (clerical, supervisor/manager and executive positions are excluded).

The participation of public service employees guarantees the development of a valid, fair and reliable test that will best meet the future needs of officer–level hiring. It also exposes pilot participants to the kinds of challenging situations faced in the workplace and that require good judgement to resolve.

We are looking for up to 400 participants and will be offering sessions in both official languages. Your support in helping us recruit employees for the pilot at the officer level within your organization would be appreciated. To assist, we ask that you share this attachment with employees in your organization.

The PSEE is scheduled for full implementation in 2013-2014.

Thank you for your participation in the development of this important assessment tool.

More information about the PSEE is available on the PSC web site. If you have questions about this pilot, please contact Aoife Brennan at 613-992-9712, or by e-mail at

Gerry Thom
Vice President, Staffing and Assessment Services Branch
Public Service Commission