Opportunity to participate in a Pilot of the Second Language Evaluation - Test of Reading Comprehension (12-24)


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In the August 3rd, 2012 Letter to Heads of Human Resources, the Public Service Commission (PSC) announced several enhancements to second official language testing. One of these enhancements is to integrate Second Language Evaluation (SLE) testing and pilot testing. In addition to this initiative, we will also be conducting a stand-alone pilot early in 2013. This pilot supports the PSC's overall plan to implement computer-generated testing for the SLE - Test of Reading Comprehension which will enable the delivery of different but equally difficult versions of the test to each candidate.

We are seeking your assistance in sharing this notice within your organization and in identifying employees to take part in our pilot of multiple choice SLE questions for potential inclusion in the final tests. The pilot will be on-line and will take place from January to March, 2013 in PSC test centres across the country (Halifax, Montreal, the NCR, Toronto, and Vancouver), depending on operational capacity and the number of participants.

I hope that we can count on your collaboration in helping us to achieve a diverse and representative sample of employees from across the federal public service. We are looking for participants from a variety of federal organizations, geographic regions, occupational groups and levels and designated employment equity groups, along with employees representing different educational and language backgrounds. This will help us to ensure that the tests are relevant, valid and fair for future test takers. Participation in this pilot can earn participants an official test result (A, B, C, or E), provided that the result is the same as, or higher than, their target level.

Employees who are interested in participating in the pilot may register, or obtain further information, by visiting our Web site. Should you have any questions about this initiative, you may contact Jennifer Macdonald, Project Manager, Research and Development, Personnel Psychology Centre, at PPC-RD-CPP@cfp-psc.gc.ca.

With best regards,

Gerry Thom
Vice-President, Staffing and Assessment Services Branch
Public Service Commission

c.c.: Chiefs of Official Languages