Tabling of the Public Service Commission Annual Report 2011-2012 and the Public Service Commission Audit Reports 2012 (12-22)


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The following e-mail was sent to Deputy Heads on October 23, 2012.

I am pleased to inform you that the Public Service Commission Annual Report 2011-2012 and the Public Service Commission Audit Reports 2012 were tabled today in Parliament. The audit report includes audits of 12 entities:

  • Copyright Board of Canada;
  • International Joint Commission;
  • Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission;
  • Canada Industrial Relations Board;
  • Transportation Safety Board of Canada;
  • Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada;
  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission;
  • Public Prosecution Service of Canada;
  • Canadian International Development Agency;
  • Department of Justice Canada;
  • Passport Canada; and
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Fiscal year 2011-2012 was a year of transition in the federal public service. Overall hiring and staffing activities decreased, and the number of employees covered by the Public Service Employment Act declined by 2.4%.

Our oversight activities for 2011-2012 show that the overall integrity of the staffing system is generally sound and that the core values of merit and non-partisanship in appointment processes are generally being respected. Progress also continues to be made with respect to the guiding values of fairness, access, transparency and representativeness.

However, some areas need further attention, including strengthening the monitoring of appointment processes to determine areas for improvement and to detect and correct errors in a timely manner; addressing issues of how merit is documented; and ensuring consideration of priority persons to fill vacant positions.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) will continue to take a proactive and collaborative approach to supporting departments and agencies as they manage workforce adjustment situations resulting from the implementation of Budget 2012. This approach consists of policy guidance and support for merit-based selection for retention or lay-off processes, as well as our management of priority entitlements. The Priority Administration Program is expected to be the key source of hiring for the next few years, and the PSC is committed to making every effort, in collaboration with departments and agencies, to ensure that the rights of priority persons are respected.

All of these documents are available on our Web site. I would be happy to discuss any part of them with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 613‑992‑2788.

Anne-Marie Robinson