How to submit a request for investigation

Anyone can submit a request for investigation regarding irregularities in an appointment process or an allegation of improper political activities. For example, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has received requests from members of the public, federal public servants, human resources specialists, deputy heads, bargaining agents and anonymous sources.

Exception: Only a person who is or has been a candidate in an election can submit an allegation under subsection 119(1) of the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA) regarding improper political activity of a deputy head.

Submitting a Request for investigation

The following information is required:

  • Description of the situation or concern, including any supporting information
  • Home and email addresses of the requester (for administrative purposes)

For an appointment process: Information to identify the appointment process, such as the name of the federal organization, the appointment process number, position title, and candidate or appointee's name.

For improper political activities: Name of the employee against whom the allegation is made and the name of the federal organization.

Requests must be submitted in writing by:



Public Service Commission of Canada
Investigations Branch / Jurisdiction Directorate
22 Eddy Street
Gatineau Quebec  K1A 0M7

Reception of the request

The PSC analyses the request to investigate to ensure the matter falls within the PSC's jurisdiction and, if so, determines whether there are sufficient grounds to warrant an investigation. A PSC jurisdiction officer may contact the requester to obtain additional information. Once the review is complete, the requester will receive a letter outlining the decision to investigate or close the file.

The PSC strives to inform the requester of its decision to investigate or close the file within 40 calendar days. The complexity, possible delays in receiving additional information, and the volume of requests received at any given time can have an impact on the response time.