Monitoring Corrective Action

To ensure that the corrective action is respected, the Public Service Commission (PSC) contacts the organizations and the persons affected to provide detailed information on the implementation of corrective action.

This information includes the roles and responsibilities of the organizations and the persons affected and the prescribed time frame for completing the corrective action.

Responsibilities of organizations affected

  • Ensure that persons affected are aware of their obligations with respect to implementing corrective action
  • Request the PSC's assistance when necessary
  • Notify the PSC when each corrective action is implemented and provide evidence of implementation

Responsibilities of persons affected

  • Implement and respect the corrective action issued, for example:
  • If a person affected is on long-term leave before or while certain corrective action are in effect, the duration of the leave will affect how the time of the prescribed period of corrective action is calculated.
  • The PSC will address any situations in which corrective action cannot be implemented on a case-by-case basis.

File closure

The PSC closes the investigation file and notifies the organization and the person affected when it is satisfied that the corrective action has been implemented or at the end of the prescribed monitoring period.