Permission and Notification Clauses

Permission clause

Persons subject to a permission clause must obtain the Public Service Commission's (PSC) permission to accept an employment offer in the case of any appointment.

The person affected is required to seek and obtain written approval from the PSC before they accept any offer of appointment by a federal organization subject to the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA). Therefore, the person affected should not accept any verbal or written employment offer until they have received the written decision of the PSC.

Accepting an appointment offer before the PSC's decision will result in the revocation of the appointment.

When to seek permission

Permission should be sought once an offer is certain or when the person affected receives a verbal offer of employment.

The PSC may provide anticipatory approval for a potential extension of the original offer of employment during the prescribed period. For example, the PSC may grant approval for the initial acting appointment and at the same time grant approval for a potential extension of that acting appointment.

The PSC will not grant blanket permission for candidates judged qualified and admitted in a pool. Each employment offer made in the context of a pool is considered separately.

Review of request for permission

  1. The PSC contacts the sub-delegated manager to discuss the employment offer, the conclusions of the investigation, and the context surrounding the appointment process (type of appointment process, group and level, what happened and when). Given the confidential nature of the investigation, the PSC recommends that the sub-delegated manager only share the information on a need-to-know basis.
  2. The PSC studies the request.
  3. The PSC notifies the person affected and the sub-delegated manager of the PSC's decision and sends a copy of the Record of Decision to the person affected.

Notification clause

Persons subject to a notification clause need to notify the PSC in writing before they can obtain an employment through casual employment or student programs in a federal organization subject to the PSEA.

Accepting a casual or student employment without notifying the PSC will result in the PSC providing the deputy head of the hiring federal organization with a copy of the investigation report and the PSC's record of decision on corrective action.

Submitting a request for permission or notifying the Public Service Commission of a pending offer for employment

Requests for permission or notifications are to be made in writing by email, or facsimile at 819-420-8801.

Employment possibilities in organizations not subject to the Public Service Employment Act

Permission and notification clauses pertain only to federal organizations subject to the PSEA. The PSC's approval is not required to accept an offer from an organization that is not subject to the PSEA.

There is no requirement to request permission from or notify the PSC before accepting an offer from a placement agency.

How will the information shared be used by potential employers?

As with any hiring decisions, organizations should consider relevant information about a candidate in light of the requirements of the position.

Monthly monitoring of employment activity

As part of its oversight responsibilities, the PSC monitors the employment activity of the persons affected for the prescribed duration of the permission and notification clauses. Persons affected are responsible for contacting the PSC when they receive an employment offer.