Branch Overview

The Public Service Commission of Canada is composed of the following five branches:

Policy and Corporate Affairs Branch (PCAB)

The Policy and Corporate Affairs Branch (PCAB) supports the delivery of integrated results across the organization and supports independent oversight by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to Parliament. PCAB develops policies related to merit in the federal public service and provides federal organizations with policies and guidance related to appointment, delegation and accountability. The branch also provides central corporate services to support all PSC program activities. This includes modern comptrollership, finance, HR management, communications and parliamentary affairs, internal audit and evaluation and the Access to Information and Privacy program.

Services and Innovation Branch (SIB)

The Services and Innovation Branch offers integrated, professional recruitment and assessment services, adapted to the needs of clients and the public service. The branch is also a strategic partner in the delivery of integrated technology and business innovation dedicated to service excellence.

Oversight Branch (OB)

Through independent data analyses, surveys and the administration of the provisions of the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA) relating to political activities of public servants, the Oversight Branch provides objective and timely information on the integrity and effectiveness of the public service staffing system, including the protection of merit and non-partisanship.

Strategic Direction and Renewal Branch (SDRB)

The branch is responsible for strategic policy, alignment of key PSC activities and outreach to the broader Government of Canada (GC) agenda and special projects aimed at supporting strategic recruitment across the public service.

Legal Services

Legal Services unit deals with employment law and government law.

Corporate Secretariat

The Corporate Secretariat provides support, advice and services to the Commission and PSC senior management and acts as the custodian of the Commission governance framework.

Investigations Branch

The Investigations Branch conducts investigations into specific appointment processes in order to protect the merit principle. It also investigates allegations of improper political activities in order to ensure the non-partisanship of the federal public service.