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We are in the process of moving our services and information to Canada.ca.

The Public Service Commission's current website will remain available until the move to Canada.ca is complete.

The Public Service Commission is an independent agency reporting to Parliament that works with departments and agencies to recruit and appoint qualified persons to the Public Service of the Government of Canada (PSC).

Jobs Open to the Public

The PSC Job Site is the main web centre for job vacancy postings in the federal public service.

Jobs for students and graduates

  • Post Secondary Recruitment Program seeks university graduates who have the qualifications needed to fill entry-level positions in federal government departments.
  • Recruitment of Policy Leaders Program targets and recruits exceptional graduates into the Public Service of Canada. It takes into account candidates' advanced educational and professional qualifications, in order to recruit policy analysts at higher levels of responsibility.
  • Federal Student Work Experience Program is the primary vehicle through which federal departments and agencies recruit students for some 7,000 temporary student jobs each year.
  • Research Affiliate Program (RAP) is specifically designed to give post-secondary students experience in applied research (design, execution, evaluation), when they must attain such knowledge and skills in order to graduate.
  • Post-Secondary Co-operative Education and Internship Program provide over 3,000 students each year with the relevant and practical work experience they need to fulfil the requirements of their academic program.

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